Bug Control

Safe Solutions For Taking Care Of Bugs In The Garden

Don’t want to use pesticides? You can help keep bug problems to a minimum by using several easy and inexpensive techniques. Planting native flowers will attract the birds and bugs that will help you win the fight against pests.


Spray Aphids With Water

No need for toxic pesticides when a blast of water will help. Spray aphids right off your plants, leaving any survivors for birds and ladybugs to eat. You will no doubt have to keep your eyes open and spray periodically.

Aphid Photo

Photo: Wikipedia

Cabbage Butterflies

Crush Cabbage Butterflies Before They Hatch

Inspect the undersides of broccoli, cabbage and kale leaves, squishing any tiny, yellow, almond-shaped eggs that appear by themselves. But leave the ones that appear in clusters, which likely belong to ladybugs.

Cabbage Butterfly Egg Photo

Photo: Wikipedia

Leaf Miners

Leaf Miner Control

Leaf miners eat their way through the middle of chard leaves, leaving somewhat transparent, whitish tunnels. Squish their teeny white eggs, often arranged in neat little rows. Cut off affected leaves.

Leaf Miner Photo

Photo: Wikipedia

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